Tuesday, June 25, 2013


So i was feeding che kalthum hawa when the game started.. As i started watching, it was the second set tie break.. And he was already down for the first set.. I keep on watching with high hopes.. I know he can do it.. I subscribed this channel just because of him! Of course i feel bloomy when i see him on the board.. So, i chose to watch hin rather than continue sleeping ( i fell asleep while feeding CKH. Oxctoxyn ) 

So i just keep on watching patiently, but he lost the second set.. It was a slight lost.. It's okay.. I was pretty sure he'll make it.. He'll come back as fierce as the tiger, as fast as the cheetah..

Third set, it seems that he is going downfall.. He tried to fight back, but sadly to share, he lost it tragically.. Oh my.. So sad that i couldn't sleep thinking of him.. Oh, Rafael Nadal.. Do you know how much i adore you? I know, there must be something wrong with his knee again.. He was so great during the French Open.. Apparently, he lost the match and he lost this year's Wimbledon title.. For the first time in his career, he lost in the first round for his 35th major tournament.. Oh my.. I hope he will make a great comeback..

Okay, it's time to sleep.. Today is a holiday due to great haze attacked the country.. But tomorow the college is open.. I need my beauty sleep..

    Love the determination!

    With his wimbledon trophy..

Monday, June 17, 2013

Adik Manja

There is a movie from 1980's i guess.. The actor is dharma haron ar-rashid and the heroin is noor kumalasari.. They brought in a baby to their hostel..secretly of course.. So they were taking turns to look after the baby.. It is a  chaos as they sneak out every now and then to feed the baby..

The movie is entitled as adik manja.. Well, i am doing the same thing now.. Secretly sneak in my baby into the college.. Ironically, there is a strict rule that prohibits family to come into the college.. Yet, i still bring her along tonight..

 I've passed my foundation alhamdulillah.. Now, i am in the beginning of my degree program.. So we have the orientation week.. It is scheduled that i have a slot in the BISA tonight.. Since she is still exclusively breastfeeding, i have to bring her over..

But the secret is no longer secret.. The HEP officers have seen us.. Luckily, the head warden had accideny came near us and i tell her the i am exclusively breastfeed my baby.. So there's no problem at all.. Yeay! The greatest thing of all is she is behaving excellently.. She played with the trainees happily.. And she slept soundly when the jamaah were reciting tahlil.. A+ for you bubs!

Note: reporting live from the crime scene.. Wink wink


Tomorrow is monday!

So tomorrow is the most unwelcomed monday..ironed the clothes for tomorrow, but i still have no heart for it..huhu.. And until now, my eyes are still blinking in the dark.. The kids only fall asleep just now..

Need to have some beauty sleep.. Need to get up early tomorrow morning.. No more sleeping lazily in the morning.. And i have to start my daily travel again.. dont like that.. my right knee is aching.. dont know what the problem is.. Huhu.. 

Can't wait for friday to come.. ~sigh~

I'm pretty much like this boy now.. 
Hate this feeling!! Huarghhhh

Sunday, June 16, 2013

It's about to end..

My semester break is about to end soon..so soon..huh.. I am still in a lazy mode.. These three weeks break were so wonderful.. Spending time with the little ones are the 'bestest' activity this whole three weeks.. Arggghhh.. Oh my dear Allah... Please delay the arrival of sunday..huhu

Anyway, i planned to finish two books of peter and jane with adam..failed! Hihi.. What a lousy parent i am.. Sorry son.. We'll do it slowly ok? Ibu dulu pun, when i was 4, i cannot read and have none of english words..so, i dont have so much worry.. Hihi.. Buleh ke gitu??

As for baby kalthum hawa, she is progressing.. Getting cleverer as day passes through.. Cheekier day by day.. She has a very beautiful smile.. 

Hubby.. Still busy everyday..huhu.. Could not spend much time with him.. Redha je.. But, adam has one idea and he keeps on mentioning it lately.. "Papa tak payahlah work.. Duk rumah je takpe". I know he misses his papa...he misses spending time with his papa.. Eventhough his papa is around, but the time is an enemy for them.. 

So, the hectic life is about to start in two days.. Huarghhh.. Honestly, i enjoy studying but being a mother of two makes it tough for me.. And i am soooo tired to travel 2 hours journey everyday.. Huhuhu.. Really hope to move to a closer place.. 

One more thing, i'm going to get my reaults.. Suspense jugak.. Hopefully i'll score with flying colours.. InsyaAllah.. My target for this coming semester is to poyr my fullest commitment towards study and try to be more organized.. Bless me dear Allah!

The entry ends here. Full stop. 😢

    Anak- anak penyejuk mata penawar hati...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We have each other...

This humble entry is dedicated to my loving husband... The strong, tough and superhandsome hubby whom i love soooooo much....

Sometimes life is cruel.. Sometimes we feel great.. There are also times when we feel lost.. There are times when we feel happy to the maximum level.. There are times we feel the hardship are no longer bearable..

No matter how hard it is, regardless how bitter it is, it would give me no pain with u by my side.. As long as we know we have each other.. I love you.. You are my hero..

Sunday, June 9, 2013

My little ones..

Putting the babies ( adam & CKH ) to sleep has been quite hard these days.. And i do not know why do i easily lost my temper lately.. Quite challenging huh..

Che Adam has been quite cranky these few days..sulking, crying and all..does he thinks that he is not loved by us anymore? Does he feels abandoned or ignored by his papa n ibu? I don't know..we talked a lot about him..but we still cannot find the reason of his behavior and ways how to deal with it.. So what we do now is just to follow his tempo with limitations..hopefully it is just a normal phase for an abang.. I hope deep inside his mind and heart, he knows that we love him..as much as we love CKH..nothing has changed..

As for CKH, we are quite worried that she still does not start walking..all she does now are crawling, standing, and walking with aid by ibu or papa ( tatih ). she is also walking while holding to sofa, moving chair ( the chair moves when she pushes it ) and abang's car.. So, the fact is, she is walking but not by her own..it's ok baby, ibu will be patiently waiting for that moment..

Compared to adam, che kalthum hawa is a bit late in everything. The only thing she won was the milestone of meniarap.. She gained the skill when she was two and a half months..we were so impressed..it was the first day of ramadhan.. We were in the midst of breakfasting when she showcased her big achievement.. Heheh..i was so proud of her.. Adam started meniarap when he was four and a half months.. 

Other than meniarap, she acquired the other skills a bit later than abang.. Adam started crawling when he was seven and a half months while kalthum hawa started at 8 months..teething for adam was started as early as 5 months but it was one day after the first birthday for CKH.. Adam started walking when he was eleven months old and we are still waiting for CKH to take her first step.. Come on girl, ibu will be loyally cheerleads for u dear.. Hehe

No matter what, both are my children..both of them are the apples of our eyes.. They come with their own skills and specialty..we, know we just have to wait.. I read somewhere, i motivator said, it is a big NO to comparing our children's ability..they are special in their own way.. Every people is! 

I love adam and i love CKH..Thank you Allah for such beautiful gifts..

    My love ones, my joys and laughters..

       Che Adam & Che Kalthum Hawa

         US...ibu, papa, abang n adik