Saturday, March 30, 2013


I have dozens of assignment ( exaggerate) awaiting to he completed.. Huhu.. Well, none of them completely done.. Not even one! Disaster..😓

Oh Allah..please be compassionate to me.. Give me strength.. Give me the spirit.. Give me the attribute of hardworking.. Please....😞😭

Heh.. Kalau dah malas tu, malas la.. Nobody can help but me myself..
~ان الله لا يغير ما بقوم حتى تغير ما بانفسكم~ او كما قال
"Allah would not change the fate of a race until they change themselves"

Arrgggghhhh.. Be wise ayu.. Be wise!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy birthday hubby!

Today is hubby's birthday..he is 31 this year..happy birthday hubby, wishing you for happiness in many more years to come..just with me absolutely! haha
This is for you...

Your birthday marks another year together,
Such happy times, i couldn't ask for more,
Spending precious minutes, hours and days with you my love,
whom i cherish and adore...

We've shared so much, we two in love and marriage,
Each year our bond just seems to grow and grow,
I always want to be right next to you,
To be with you means more than you can know...

You're always there for me,
With a loving smile and open arms,
I'm never happier than when i know you're near,
I thought my love for you couldn't grow stronger,
And yet i love you even more this year..

From the deepest point of my heart,
I love you... Endlessly...

Happy birthday dear..

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lullaby for CKH

CKH is a very active's not easy to put her to sleep..sometimes, like any other babies, she tends to be cranky.. So, since day one of her bornday, i created this kinda lullaby for her..

other than zikir, this also helps a lot in calming her..this is also her abang's fav song..he always sings this to his sister..

Mana dia che kalthum hawa,
Comel- comel
Anak ibu anak papa
Adik abang
Che kalthum hawa

Mana dia che kalthum hawa
Comel- comel
Anak ibu
Baik- baik
Anak papa
Adik abang
Che kalthum hawa...

She loves this so much..her abang also loves this so much..i can be a song writer now..haha

Monday, March 11, 2013

What a day!

We were sending off hubby's friend for umrah at the KLIA.. We are so happy doing so hoping our "call" to come as soon as possible.. It was such a nice experience.. There were few things happened there.. ☔😭

It was about time for his friend to check in..out of nowhere my tears were raining on my cheek when the families were shaking hands, hugging and kiss each other's cheeks.. The most saddest miment was when he hugged and kissed his baby.. My goodness.. Can't help it.. Could i ever be separated with my children?? Absolutely not!! Nooooo.. (Insert tears here)..

And when he hugged and kissed his wife, i hugged my hubby.. ( hubby i love u.. I wanna be with u wherever u go... - emotional ) hihi..

When the saddest part was over we walked to the parking to go for the next destination..satay...yeay...

But the yeay took a fright as a baby almost slipped out from the stroller..pity her, she got stucked at her neck..nauzubillah..i was so panic..almost to death..both of us were panicked..fortunately, a young lady who were rushing for her flight stopped by and helped us as we were frozenly stiffed!

Finally, at the satay stall adam terbalik with his chair..oh my lasak.. Fuhhh what a day!

There was i..mum's obligation..she was behaving so good inside there.. 😍